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The correct operation method of Shenzhen online sub-board machine

With the development of industrial enterprises, Shenzhen online board splitting machine is a type of board splitting machine widely used by many manufacturers at present. When we use the board splitting machine, correct operation is also very important, so as a common application What problems should we pay attention to when using the board splitting machine?
Guillotine splitter

Guillotine board splitting machine

1. Operating Specifications:
When we are using the Shenzhen online board splitting machine, the operator should strictly abide by the operating specifications. Read the product manual carefully, if there is anything unclear, you can ask our staff. At the same time, enterprises should do a good job in technical training for employees, strengthen standardized management of workshops, and implement orderly and safe production.
2. Safety Guidelines:

In case of emergencies, reasonable actions should be taken, such as: abnormal operation of the sub-board machine, the operator should stop working immediately and turn off the power switch before checking. Be sure to check the power off to ensure your own safety. When the board splitting machine is running, it is strictly forbidden for the operator to put his hands inside the machine under any circumstances to avoid safety accidents.

3. Regular maintenance and timely maintenance:
After the operation of the online board splitting machine in Shenzhen stops, the main shaft, cutting tool, and alcohol of the board splitting machine should be scrubbed, and the board splitting machine should be regularly maintained to avoid the aging of the board splitting machine. Enterprises should also regularly maintain and check the lines and accessories of the sub-board machine, and solve problems in time to ensure the normal use of the sub-board machine. Maintaining the board splitting machine can greatly improve the efficiency of the board splitting machine. While ensuring safety, it is also used correctly.

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