Pcb Splitting Machine

Advantages of Hengya guillotine splitter

Hengya guillotine type board splitter adopts the upper and lower double straight knife design, and the guillotine knife type divides the substrate. It is suitable for various PCB boards, LED aluminum substrates, cpb substrates, and copper substrates. With the development of intelligence, the requirements of the board are also increasing. higher.There are also many splitting machines on the market. The Hengya guillotine splitting machine adopts a double straight knife design, which is suitable for a wide range of board types. At the same time, the stress is relatively low, the burr of the split board is less, the edge of the board is smoother, and the quality of the split board is relatively low. One of the best choices for demanding board types.

The Hengya guillotine splitter can not only improve the efficiency, but also replace the production capacity of more than six people, greatly improving the labor intensity and power.

Hengya guillotine splitter has these features:

1.Less stress: high quality of sub-board; suitable for cutting substrates of various materials, and also suitable for high-hardness aluminum substrates, copper substrates, etc.;

2.High safety: the opening of the guillotine knife is small, and it can only enter the board, which guarantees the safety of the operator; and it is easy to use and can be operated proficiently without training; it can be said to be very convenien.

3.Efficient and durable: Adhere to product quality as the core, continue to surpass, win the market with high quality, unique new technology, preferred imported materials, and lead to better product quality


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