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How to maintain the Shenzhen sub-board machine

Current customers all hope that our sub-board machine can be highly efficient, which often affects its efficiency in the following two aspects. First, the personnel who operate the sub-board machine, when the Shenzhen sub-board machine personnel operate the sub-board machine, they should Perform maintenance and use with care. 2. Equipment maintenance and repair personnel. Of course, our operators and maintenance personnel must cooperate with each other to master the daily maintenance and repair; while maintaining the cleanliness of the Shenzhen sub-board machine itself, the blades are regularly maintained and smeared with rust oil. When there is a problem with the splitter, you should seek professional personnel for maintenance and operation in time. What we need to pay attention to is, do not use it in places where the temperature is too high or very low.

The following is the maintenance method of Shenzhen sub-board machine:
HY-350T offline splitter-2
HY-350T offline splitter
1. It is necessary to check whether there is any material falling in the electric control box. If there is, it needs to be cleaned in time and maintained daily. Regarding the maintenance method of the front and rear panels of the main unit: it is necessary to wipe the front and rear panels of the main unit every day.

2. XYZ motor wiring, the maintenance method of the origin limit sensor: Generally, the sensor needs to be wiped with external dust and oil once a day.

3. About the maintenance method of the iron plate at the bottom of the host: If the parts fall, they need to be removed and replaced in time.

4. About the maintenance method of the three-point combination: Check the water filter cup every day to see if there is water. If there is water, please press the yellow drain to remove it.

5. About the maintenance method of the spindle: The spindle needs to be wiped and cleaned every day when the machine stops working.

6. About the maintenance method of the vacuum cleaner: After the machine stops working every day, the vacuum cleaner can be wiped and cleaned.

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