Hengya Pcb Board Splitting Machine Camera Cleaning Method

Hengya Pcb Board Splitting Machine Camera Cleaning Method

At present, with the improvement of production capacity, the demand of manufacturers for the board splitting machine is also increasing, and different brands of board splitting machine have appeared on the market. Therefore, under this background, customers' requirements for the board splitting machine are gradually increasing. At the same time, it also has higher requirements for the quality of the board splitting machine. From performance to quality to size, we are all concerned about it.
HY-350T offline splitter

HY-350T offline board splitting machine

The demand drives the development of science and technology, and the service of the sub-board machine is becoming more and more strict with the demand. In order to better meet the market needs, Hengya sub-board machine manufacturers have applied industrial CCD cameras on the PCB sub-board machine. To better meet the needs of the majority of users, the maintenance of Hengya pcb board splitting machine camera has also become the focus of everyone's attention.

With the use of CCD cameras, many sub-board machine customers have realized that the cleaning and maintenance of Hengya pcb sub-board machine cameras has also become a very important part. If it is not properly maintained, it will affect its use efficiency. How about cleaning the camera of Hengya pcb board splitting machine? Here is a detailed introduction to you:
1. Use pure alcohol

Nowadays, the method of cleaning machinery with alcohol has become more and more common. However, the method of cleaning the CCD should not use such alcohol as isopropyl alcohol, because isopropyl alcohol will continuously absorb the moisture in the air when it is in use, which will make us The surface of the CCD leaves traces of liquid, which affects the work efficiency and makes it difficult to play its role.
The use of microfibers
The special nature of the microfiber determines that it can perform a deeper cleaning on the surface of the CCD, and can also effectively remove dirt.

3. Compressed air
Through the method of compressed air, the inner work of the CCD chip can be cleaned more deeply, and the dirt can be effectively removed.

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