Core Competitiveness Of Enterprises | Industry-leading full-page scanning of PCBA

Core Competitiveness Of Enterprises


Intelligence: Mechanized Production To Improve Efficiency And Quality

1. Industry-leading full-page scanning of PCBA, automatic generation of cutting points;
2. The programming time is short, the path is displayed in real time, and the modification is convenient and simple;
3. Automatic tool change, automatic broken tool detection and alarm;
4. Automatically identify the fixture and call the program and complete the inspection and self-correction of the action;
5. Automatic detection of product placement, automatic classification of NG and good products, and automatic plate placement;

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Digitization: digital management, quantification of production processes

1. Two-dimensional precision operation platform and fully closed-loop digital control system;
2. CCD sensor and image positioning technology: the laser reference point is the same height as the machine tool reference point (Marker is the same height as the CCD camera point);
3. High-speed CCD visual alignment system;
4. Industry 4.0-MES system docking to realize digital management;
5. Automatic retrieval of server data;
6. Upload machine data and production data;

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Flexibility: Customized on demand to meet diversified production

1. Guided by the needs of customers;
2. The product is suitable for a wide range, and can be converted online and offline at will;
3. Non-standard customized cutting plan can be customized according to demand;
4. Suitable for large, medium and small batches, multi-variety production, and free matching of equipment;
5. Personalized production mode;

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Humanization: Simplify manual operations and promote intelligent production

1. Simple operation interface, complete functions, simple operation and easy development;
2. The equipment operation instructions are clear and clear, and the application operation training of special personnel is more efficient;
3. The appearance of the whole machine has a new design, which is more beautiful and more atmospheric;
4. Automatically classify NG and good products to reduce the workload of workers;

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