What is online board-splitting machine

What is online board-splitting machine

The splitter usually refers to the PCB splitter, that is, the circuit board splitter. Sub-board machines are widely used in electronic product manufacturing. Since the traditional manual folding method will generate strong stress, which will seriously affect the product quality, the manual folding board has been basically replaced by the machine.

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Mechanized Production

1. Industry-leading full-page scanning of PCBA, automatic generation of cutting points; 2. The programming time is short, the path is displayed in real time, and the modification is convenient and simple; 3. Automatic tool change, automatic broken tool detection and alarm; 4. Automatically identify the fixture and call the program and complete the inspection and self-correction of the action; 5. Automatic detection of product placement, automatic classification of NG and good products, and automatic plate placement;

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Dongguan Hengya Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Hengya Intelligent) is a manufacturer focusing on the research and development of intelligent equipment. Its products serve the automatic assembly line automation equipment of automotive electronics, 3C electronics, home appliances and other manufacturing enterprises. A high-tech enterprise integrating application and R&D, production and sales of standardized equipment. The products include: online vision pcba extension machine, laser separation machine, milling cutter separation machine, modular conveying system and other equipment; customers can choose a single matching equipment or integrated application of the whole line automation equipment according to their own needs, providing customers with quantity Customized industry software and hardware overall solutions and perfect after-sales service.

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Advantages of Hengya online splitter

1. Possess a multi-type and specification board machine, which can satisfy stamp hole imposition, V-slot imposition, and FPC board cutting;
2. The milling cutter sub-board has an imported high-speed electric spindle, the speed can reach 60,000 rpm, which greatly improves the production efficiency;
3. Using high-pixel color CCD and high-power lens, automatic MARK positioning correction system to improve cutting accuracy;
4. The milling cutter sub-board adopts the alternate processing of double platforms, which reduces the waiting time, increases the production capacity, and solves the precision problem of the cylinder-driven platform;
5. According to the needs of non-standard customized solutions, to meet the personalized production mode of large, medium and small enterprises;
6. Tall appearance design, beautiful appearance;

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What users say about Hengya

The technical team has rich experience. For the sub-board plan proposed by our company's product line, the plan is produced quickly. Risk assessment and reminders are made for possible problems. The plan quotation is also reasonable and within our budget range; after the transaction The service of the after-sales personnel is also very good, helping with assembly and debugging, and assisting in the online operation of the product.

The after-sales team has very good service and timely response. If there are some small problems in the production process of the product, we can arrange personnel to contact in time, as well as on-site maintenance, and also provide training and explanations to our engineers on the spot to avoid problems affecting production again. schedule.

The selected off-line double-station milling cutter splitter is customized into a large-sized double-working table due to the special product. During the period, the equipment has been debugged and aged many times, and the sample is cut for the sample, even if the delivery schedule is relatively fast. , the equipment has also undergone many aging tests, and the shipment will be arranged after the sample is qualified for trial cutting.

Comparing with many manufacturers of splitting machine equipment, I chose Hengya splitting machine in the end. The online milling cutter splitting machine + swing plate was purchased. The splitting efficiency is relatively high, and the overall cutting effect is OK. It is the previous plan. It took a little longer, but the service attitude is not bad.

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1. The online splitter can shorten the production cycle of the product, enable the enterprise to achieve fast delivery, improve the competitiveness of the enterprise in the market, and reduce the quantity of raw materials and products. 2. High-pixel CCD magnifying lens is equipped on the online sub-board machine; various high-precision guidance, positioning, feeding, adjustment, detection systems or components can ensure the high precision of product assembly and production. 3. Double Y axis, servo motor + precision screw, more stable and safer than air cylinder; 4. Including mechanisms: automatic feeding mechanism, sub-board mechanism, vacuuming mechanism, manipulator taking and unloading mechanism, feeding mechanism. 5. Place the product in the fixture for inspection to determine whether to place it so as not to cut the product.

Compared with the traditional manual board splitting machine, the online board-splitting machine has stronger anti-interference ability: different from the manual board splitting machine, the online board-splitting machine device does not require much technical personnel in production, and is not easily affected. outside interference. The production environment is optimized so that the splitter plate can be cut uninterruptedly according to the cutting program of the machine.

The so-called online splitting machine is a splitting machine that is used in the workshop production line to cooperate with other automation equipment, and uses a manipulator to realize unmanned automatic cutting of PCB boards. The offline sub-board machine is a sub-board device that can work alone, and the board is manually fed and taken out. However, there is a very important difference. Generally, offline sub-board machines are standard equipment, while online sub-board machines need to consider many factors because they have to cooperate with other equipment for production, and are non-standard equipment. But also because there are many factors to consider, it is very flexible and can freely change the design according to the needs of customers.

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